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Hi, my name is Clara Catoggio. I’m an architect born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I got my architectural degree. Currently, I live in Los Angeles, CA.


Architecture is my passion, and I consider myself a designer first.  I’m mostly interested in the architecture that implements design technologies to create spaces that embrace and harvest education, healthcare, environmental issues, and social relationships.  As a creative and hardworking person, I'm always in constant pursuit of knowledge. And so, I seek involvement in an enriched workspace where I can learn more about these aspects and develop as a well-rounded professional. I believe great design comes from collaboration and teamwork, and I consider myself a flexible individual who can lead, be part of a team, and work independently.


In my free time, I’m investigating and learning about parametric and biomimetic design.  I’ve always been interested in biology and been amazed by nature’s design. I always thought most of the solutions to our design problems lie there, and the fact that there is a branch of knowledge that is dedicated to this motivates my passion for design and architecture even more.



2018 - 2020

Freelance Architectural Designer

2011 - Current

Architectural and Interior Designer of ADUs during SD, DD and CD phases of design. In charge of Plan check and permit process. Involved during CA phase. 

Freelance Graphic Designer, illustrator and digital artist.

2015 - 2017

Amado Cattaneo Arquitecto - -

Junior Architect

Involved in the construction documentation process for high-end residential homes (DD and CD phases). Responsible for overseas projects (they did not go through) (SD phase): Car Rental Outlet in Las Vegas, USA, and extension proposal for the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, USA.

2012 - 2015

Centoira Art Gallery - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graphic designer, secretary and saleswoman.

2020 - Current

Urban Architecture Lab - - Los Angeles, CA - Architectural Designer/Project Lead

- Project Lead for mixed-use multifamily projects working directly with the PA and PM in all phases of design (Concept design, SD, DD, CD and CA) including coordination with the design team, consultants and clients. 

- Revit Model Lead: Responsible of all 3D modeling, Revit families, templates, schedules and more.  Main drafter producing accurate and detailed construction documentation and Team Manager of drafters assisting the project. 

- Involved during Plan Check process.

- Flexible when adapting to office’s software standards (CAD, Revit, etc.) and involved in the process of making these standards more efficient per PA/PM’s needs. 


2012 - 2018

MA / Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism
University of Buenos Aires

Architecture 6-year program - GPA 8.50/10
Graduated with Honors. Argentina architecture license enabled.

1999 - 2011

St. Andrew’s Scots School. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bilingual Bachelor with Natural Science Orientation. GPA 8.70/10. International Baccalaureate Diploma and IGCSE exams.

Top 10 students of the graduating class.

Honors: Prefect of Performing Arts & House Captain.

Directed by the design professorship of Red 3 (UBA) and Rois (UR).

Landscape - Universidad de BsAs & Universidad de Rosario.


Directed by the architects: Carolina & Mariana Quiroga and Santiago Wood from UBA, and Leandro Artigala from the firm Point (NYC).

Microarchitecture, Urban Parasites - BsAs & NYC - Bienal de Arquitectura - Universidad de Buenos Aires









Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign


English - Oral and written fluency
Spanish - Oral and written fluency
French - Basic Level

Intermediate knowledge on:

California Building Code,  

Cal Green Code

Accessibility Code

GA-Fire Resistance Design Manual

+ (310) 592 6368


Los Angeles, CA




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